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Here Come Swipe Fees.

For decades, California law has prohibited “retailers” from adding a surcharge when consumers choose to use a credit card instead of paying with cash. A retailer is defined as someone who sells goods or services or anything else of value, but excludes government entities …


Independent Contractor or Employee?

Thanks to two legal results last week involving the popular ride-sharing companies, Uber and Lyft – each of whom considers its drivers as independent contractors, not employees – it seemed timely to revisit this issue.  Businesses often prefer to classify people as …


Ira Rosenblatt and Adam Soibelman named 2015 Super Lawyers

R2 Law Group, LLP, is pleased to announce that partners Ira Rosenblatt and Adam Soibelman were each named Southern California “Super Lawyers” for 2015. Ira Rosenblatt has earned this honorable distinction each year since 2004, the first year Super Lawyers recognized lawyers in California. Adam Soibelman …


True North

Those who know me know that John R. Wooden is one of the most inspirational figures in my life. Though I did not personally know John Wooden, I am fortunate to have met him on several occasions and enjoyed his company …