Chasm or pillar of strength? Keeping you on solid ground.

The only source of knowledge is experience.
—Albert Einstein

Our People, inspired by our Core Values and applying our Process, focus on three primary practice areas:


Business Litigation

By definition, litigation involves conflict. Few business owners find conflict desirable, but most business owners recognize that conflict is sometimes unavoidable.

When negotiations break down making litigation inevitable, our clients look to us to make litigation work for them. What they invariably want is proactive, innovative, and successful representation that is also strategic, sensible, and cost-effective.

Our trial lawyers partner with you to identify and implement the most appropriate business solutions, either by pursuing or defending litigation, arbitration, or other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, like mediation.


Business Transactions

Whether you are buying or selling, entering into a joint venture, or making a strategic investment, we approach each transaction with legal, financial, and business fluency, offering sound and practical advice at every stage.

Corporate transactions require interdisciplinary solutions. We approach our role with a practical perspective designed to maximize efficacy and efficiency.

With decades of experience representing clients from a broad spectrum of industries, R2 provides counsel to privately held businesses, their owners, entrepreneurs, and high-net worth individuals. We focus on making deals, not wrecking them.


Business Strategy Services

How will you stand out and stay relevant in a world marked by ever-increasing levels of often disruptive competition?

One of the unique benefits our clients enjoy is our boutique business strategy practice, focused on the non-legal matter of helping our clients to not only craft winning new strategies, but also to help build the creative capability needed to execute them.  We offer a broad range of services in three key focus areas: advisory, facilitation, and training.

Our advisory services feature deep insight on business strategy and innovation gained from over thirty years of front-line experience and professional counsel to senior leaders of the world’s most admired companies.

Our facilitation services feature highly engaging sessions that get teams aligned and moving forward with best speed toward their chosen objectives.

Our training services build durable capability in today’s most relevant disciplines:  strategic thinking, design thinking, and lean thinking.  Our training is tailored, team-focused and hands-on.