Finesse or raw power? Fitting talent to task.

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. —Phil Jackson.

Most of our team has been together since the early 1990’s. Every member of our team embodies R2’s Core Values.  All of us feel fortunate to be exactly where we want to be, doing what we like to do, for those we wish to help.

Passion, experience, talent, and focus make for a rewarding culture – a culture breeding winning results.  Meet our team.

Ira Rosenblatt

Founder + Managing Partner

Ira Rosenblatt, Founder + Managing Partner, takes a holistic approach to assessing clients’ needs and goals, always focusing on the Big Picture. Ira knows that honesty builds trust and that trust is an indispensable ingredient in meaningful relationships. His style of straight talk, empathy, perspective, and critical thinking skills serve him and R2 clients well.


Robin McConnell


Robin McConnell, Partner, represents R2 clients in a broad spectrum of business litigation matters in both state and federal court. While Robin passionately advocates on behalf of our clients, her experience, intelligence, and temperament enable her to avoid “taking the bait” or chasing the “red herrings” other less experienced or less confident litigators too often do, always focusing on a well thought out end-game.


Adam Soibelman


Adam Soibelman, Partner, primarily represents R2 clients in a broad spectrum of business litigation matters throughout California, but also serves clients in an advisory capacity. Through application of R2’s Process (Listen, Learn, Design, Deliver), Adam conceives pragmatic and cost effective litigation (or litigation-avoidance) strategies that consistently yield positive results for our clients.


Diane Marioni


Diane MarioniParalegal,  began her legal career in 1989 as a litigation secretary, and secured her paralegal certification through attorney attestation. Diane has worked with Ira Rosenblatt since 1996, happily supporting him and serving firm clients.